The Oaks - Residential Care Homes in Newport, South Wales

Our Philosophy at The Oaks

At The Oaks, we aim to promote a welcoming, stimulating, & caring environment. Each resident is a person with individual strengths & needs; our philosophy is to promote these strengths & to attempt to meet those needs.
With 24-hour care, we aim to recognise individuals emotional & psychological requirements & to the best of our ability meet them. Through personal choice & with dignity we aim to promote individuality & to encourage the individual to undertake the everyday tasks of daily life, as each is able.

We respect resident’s individual culture & religious beliefs & offer support & understanding at all times. The criteria all staff at The Oaks strive for is to offer safe & secure surroundings with a relaxed & caring atmosphere.
Well-trained staffs are on hand at all times throughout a 24-hour period to assist the resident & to meet their needs as is necessary.
As an organization, we are committed to the following core values:

  1. Respect & encouragement for every individual.
  2. Concern for the most frail & vulnerable.
  3. Excellence in all we undertake.
  4. Honesty & fairness as the necessary basis of trust.

In addition, we support seven core principles on which we base our care services :

  1. Privacy We respect and support the rights of individual residents to privacy. The physical structure & operational ethos of our homes preserves individual privacy within the context of a group living or community living experience.
  2. Dignity The intrinsic value of residents is recognized by respecting their uniqueness & their personal needs.
  3. Independence Residents are enabled to make their own decisions with the minimum need for reference to others & the residents’ willingness to incur a degree of risk.
  4. Choice Opportunities exist for residents to exercise choice in as many areas of daily living as possible, taking into account the need to safeguard their welfare.
  5. Rights Residents are offered the same rights as individuals living in the community, & practices & procedures are in place to safeguard this.
  6. Fulfilment Residents are able to realize personal aspirations & abilities in all aspects of daily living.
  7. Spirituality A recognition & facilitation of individual residents spiritual needs in all aspects of daily living.